Business Incentive Program

As it is the purpose of economic development incentives offered by the City of Valley Falls to promote the long-term sustainability of our business community.  A standard shall be established in order for staff members of the City of Valley Falls to recruit new small businesses and entrepreneurs to the community.

A business that has completed a new business economic development application within 60 days of opening will be eligible for the following incentives.

  • Connection fees for utilities will be waived.
  • Waiver of Fee for city building permits
  • $1,000 dollar start-up incentive to be used towards but not limited to the following: culverts, rock/gravel, meter sets, tap fees,
  • First year of Valley Falls Chamber of Commerce due paid by the City.
  • After the business reaches the milestone of a one-year anniversary, $250.00 of credit will be given to the business in the form of future City provided utilities.
  • On the third anniversary the business will be given an additional $250.00 of credit for future City provided utilities.

A business is eligible by one of the following:

  • A business has made an investment of $20,000.00 or more. Investments may include but are not limited to the following: purchase of an existing building, construction of a building, or improvements to an existing building
  • A business that has created the equivalent of two or more full time positions, including ownership

For more information, please contact the city administrator. Applications should be sent to 


Contact Info

Destiny Schrick
City Clerk
417 Broadway St
(785) 945-6612 Opt 1